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Why Go Compatible?

Let’s bust a few myths here:

Quality: years ago it could be argued, quite reasonably, that compatible & remanufactured cartridges weren’t as good as originals. Questionable print quality, lower page yields, the list goes on. Well, not any more! Modern compatible cartridges are designed to match, or exceed, the performance of originals. All of our cartridges are subject to strict quality control procedures during manufacture, are individually print tested prior to shipping and are covered by our comprehensive warranty.

Manufacturer’s warranty: heard the scare stories that using compatibles will invalidate any warranty on your machine? Well, they’re just that – scare stories! Manufacturers cannot dictate what cartridges you use in your machine, in the same way that car manufacturers can’t tell you what brand of fuel to put in your car. Ever noticed that some printers seem cheap to buy these days? It’s because the manufacturers make their money by selling you overpriced branded cartridges.

Our guarantee: is there to give you total peace of mind. Our products are guaranteed to perform as well or better than the original product. If an item is faulty it will be refunded or replaced free of charge. No quibbles, no fuss - our aim is 100% customer satisfaction.

Our service: we aim to exceed your expectations. All orders placed before 4.00pm will be despatched for delivery the next working day. Delivery is free to UK mainland addresses. We have over 4000 product lines in stock and if you can’t find the cartridge you’re after, there’s a real person here to help! We love to hear from our customers and can be contacted by phone or email.

Compatible or Remanufactured: variations on a theme really, and it comes down to personal preference. A compatible cartridge is a built-from-scratch copy of an original, whilst a remanufactured cartridge will re-use some of an original cartridges’ components. They tend to cost slightly more than compatibles but are considered to be more environmentally friendly. Whichever you choose you will be getting a quality product that is guaranteed to match the performance of an original cartridge.

Price: this one’s the biggie! By switching to compatibles or remanufactured cartridges you will save money – lots of money! We know our market well - if you’re after the cheapest possible cartridge then please feel free to visit Amazon or eBay. However, if you want to save money and have the reassurance that the product you are buying is quality tested and covered by a comprehensive guarantee, then please give us a try!

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